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Bitcoin Era – Mit automatischem Bitcoin Handel bessere Renditen erzielen

Bitcoin Era

Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2008, the crypto currency has made many people wealthy. At the end of 2017, with the rise of the Bitcoin price, many investors have become millionaires. Because of the profit-taking the price has fallen again. This offers investors right now the chance to enter the market at a favourable level.

With the Bitcoin Era App, however, investors can also benefit when prices fall again. The automatic trading software analyzes the markets around the clock and identifies the optimal entry opportunities.

Unfortunately, the crypto scene is still full of dubious business people who are only interested in taking money out of investors’ pockets. We took a close look at Bitcoin Era and formed an opinion about the provider in the Bitcoin Era Test. We would like to discover if Bitcoin Era legit is true that is why we will generate this Bitcoin Era review. This is for you to comprehensively know the state and status of this cryptocurrency trading platform.

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The facts about Bitcoin Era at a glance

  • Easy to use and understand trading platform
  • Free trading software with an algorithm for automatic Bitcoin trading
  • Free demo account
  • Better returns in the long term even if prices fall
  • Fair fees
  • Speedy processing of disbursements
  • Competent English-speaking customer service 

Register with Bitcoin Era – done in a few steps

Registering with Bitcoin Era is very easy. First, investors must install the Bitcoin Era app. Then, personal data, a telephone number and e-mail address must be entered in the registration area on the start page.

Afterwards, the general terms and conditions must be accepted and a minimum deposit of 250 euros must be made. Deposits can be made by credit card or by bank transfer and will be credited immediately. Now you can start trading Bitcoin.

Those who prefer to practice a little before using real money can use the free demo account provided by Bitcoin Era.

  • Downloading the trading software
  • Enter your personal data, e-mail address and telephone number in the registration area on the start page.
  • Defining a user name and a personal password to log in.
  • Deposit of at least 250 euros by credit card or SEPA bank transfer.
  • Start trading with Bitcoin or use the free demo account for practice

Tip: The instruction video explains all steps of the registration process in detail.

The currently favourable courses offer a perfect opportunity to start

Many investors are unsure whether they should invest at the current rate of Bitcoin or also of other crypto currencies. In fact the prices are very volatile. While the Bitcoin was still quoted at over 15,000 Euro at the end of 2017 and made many investors rich, the price has fallen sharply in the meantime. This is simply because many market participants have taken their profits with them. This is why the best opportunities for entry are right now.

It is not expected that the Bitcoin price will continue to fall. By the way, with Bitcoin Era it is irrelevant whether the prices rise or fall. Investors can also profit from falling prices. As soon as the trend reverses, the trading algorithm immediately takes the opposite position. So it is possible to gain money in any market situation.

Unfortunately, this is not always taken into account by some critics when they spread panic in the face of falling prices. With Bitcoin Era, after installing the software and making the first deposit, investors can sit back and watch the balance on their account grow. Of course, Bitcoin Era cannot guarantee a specific return either. But with the trading software and the algorithm for automatic Bitcoin trading, the probability of successful trading with the crypto currencies increases significantly.

What exactly does Bitcoin Era offer

The Bitcoin Era App gives investors uncomplicated access to trading with many different currency pairs. By the way, it is also possible to participate in Forex trading with conventional currencies such as the Euro, Swiss Franc, US Dollar or British Pound. The selection of currency pairs is absolutely sufficient. All rates are displayed in real time.

In addition to the algorithm for automatic trading of crypto currencies, the trading platform also offers an amazingly large number of pre-installed tools and indicators for chart analysis. This allows investors who prefer to trade themselves to analyze the markets and find optimal entry signals.

By the way, Bitcoin Era is not the only online broker that uses computer-aided trading algorithms. All banks and investment companies use algorithms to gain advantages in trading. The special thing about the programs is that they are not guided by emotions and never get tired.

The markets are continuously monitored 24 hours a day. A trading position is opened as soon as an optimal entry signal is received. Trends are optimally exploited with the trading software and decisions are made much faster, much better than a human could do. This does not mean that the algorithm never misses the mark, but in over 98% of cases, correct decisions are made and profits are made. In any case, investors can only benefit from this.

Die Bitcoin Era Software observiert den Markt unermüdlich und identifiziert optimale Einstiegsgelegenheiten

Targets should fit the investor and his budget

Anyone who starts trading Bitcoin must be aware that regardless of the great chances of winning, losses can also be incurred. Getting rich quickly should not be the main focus of trading. It is rather a matter of achieving long-term steady profits. Setbacks are part of this. Even the most savvy professionals on the stock markets can tell you a thing or two about it. On some days it is like being under a spell.

Other days, however, fantastic profits are made. It is important that investors remain calm and do not let themselves be guided by useless emotions. The greed for more or the fear of losses has ruined many an investment portfolio. Rational trading is therefore a prerequisite for long-term success. The basics of risk and money management should also be considered.

First, money should never be used for the Bitcoin trade that is needed to live, but only as much as can be lost. On the other hand, never put everything into one trade. Experience shows that investors who always invest only 2% to 3% of their capital in a trade are best in the long run. After all, it is extremely unlikely that 50 trades in a row will go wrong and the trading account will be run down to zero.

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It is also important that each individual trade is hedged in the form of a stop loss as an order supplement. This allows losses to be limited. The trading strategy should also be constantly refined. If you keep a trading diary with all the details of an order, you can subsequently evaluate what can be improved. A frequently occurring beginner’s mistake is, for example, that a stop loss is set much too close to the entry price. It is therefore not uncommon for a trade to be stopped prematurely, even though it would have been successful.

Experience with Bitcoin Era

Our Bitcoin Era experiences in the test coincide with the vast majority of customer experiences in the network to the provider. Even with Bitcoin Era there are no free prizes and certainly no profit guarantee. Losses must always be reckoned with. The focus is on optimizing the chances of winning and keeping the risks within limits with risk management.

There is simply no one who always makes a profit. In view of this fact, the one or other statement by Bitcoin Era customers is perhaps a bit too euphoric. Of course, it is undisputed that Bitcoin Era has already turned many members into wealthy people who are also happy to report on their successes. Those who sign up with Bitcoin Era have good prospects of winning, but should still keep their feet on the ground and think long-term.

Bitcoin Era’s trading program with the algorithm for automatic Bitcoin trading offers investors the best conditions for long-term successful trading.

But even those who prefer to trade themselves can get all the instruments they need for successful trading at Bitcoin Era. The trading platform offers a good overview and usability as well as a comprehensive selection of tradable assets. In tests everything has proven to be stable and reliable. A Bitcoin Era app for the smartphone is also offered.

The fees that Bitcoin Era allows itself for trading in the form of spreads can be described as moderate compared to many providers. If you have questions or problems with the installation of the software, you can contact Bitcoin Era’s customer service 24 hours a day, including holidays. The German-speaking employees are quickly available in live chat or by phone and proved to be competent even for complicated questions.

Is Bitcoin Era serious?

Of course nobody wants to invest his money with a windy wheeler-dealer. Therefore it is important to find out about a provider in advance. According to the results of the test and also according to most customer experiences on the net, Bitcoin Era can be considered serious. There are a few small things to criticize, for example that there is still no PayPal as a payment option, but by and large the provider can be recommended.

If anyone else has had experience with Bitcoin Era, they are welcome to send us a message. We will investigate this and adjust our Bitcoin Era test accordingly.

However, it can only be reiterated that, given the risks involved in trading Bitcoin, investors should adopt an appropriate trading strategy and follow the basic rules of risk and money management.

Our conclusion on Bitcoin Era

The Bitcoin Era app offers investors a great opportunity to benefit from trading crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash & Co. The trading platform is easy to use and offers extensive trading possibilities in real-time.

The Bitcoin Era software with the algorithm for automatic Bitcoin trading can relieve investors of much of the work, so they can sit back and relax. They constantly monitor the market and tirelessly identify optimal entry signals. For proprietary trading, a wide range of tools and indicators are available for chart analysis. The fees charged by Bitcoin Era in the form of spreads are absolutely competitive to moderate.

Of course the payouts must also work. Here too we have no evidence of irregularities. The German-speaking customer service at Bitcoin Era is competent and can be reached around the clock via live chat and telephone.

Risk note

Large profits are possible in the Bitcoin trade. Just now investors have the best entry opportunities again. But there are also risks. Investors should therefore never trade without hedging, for example with a stop loss, and take the basic rules of risk and money management into account. Only the money that is not needed for immediate living should be used. Investors should be aware that losses can also occur.

In addition, the entire available capital should never be used. The 2 % rule, according to which only 2 % of the capital is used in a trade, has proven itself. It is also important that investors set themselves realistic goals that match the available capital. Using Bitcoin Era’s software with the algorithm for automatic Bitcoin trading, investors can achieve better returns on average.


How much money should I deposit to create an account in the Bitcoin Era platform?

Opening an account with Bitcoin Era is technically free. The actual money that you will be depositing is for your capital fund for the actual trading.

How much profit can I make with the Bitcoin Era?

The actual profit may vary from person to person. This is because everyone is not the same when it comes to investing their money. However, upon our Bitcoin Era review, we discovered that some investors are earning $5,000 on a regular basis. These investors have been utilizing the platform for several years now. So if you are new to this trading venture, we suggest that you start investing small and just increase your investment once you have doubled your capital.

Can I withdraw actual Bitcoin money?

Bitcoin is a digital currency, therefore, you cannot withdraw the actual Bitcoin. But withdrawals are still accessible and the money you earned will be converted to your local currency and will be transferred to your bank account.

How many days my withdrawal request will be processed?

The Bitcoin Era legit concept is true that is why withdrawals are applicable and accessible any time. They will process your request within 24 hours and you should receive it within that period of time.

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